A lot of new boarders question if they really need to wax their snowboards. Snow is already slippery, so is it really necessary? Although it’s a fair point, both surface need to be slick in order for the best ride possible.

There are two simple reasons to why you will want to wax your boards—speedier gear and healthier gear. When you use wax you will have a smoother slope experience and you will gain a little extra speed. Wax also helps prevent the board from drying out, which will prevent delaminating.

How to Choose a Ski or Snowboard Wax

The type of snow you will be boarding on changes all of the time, but the base of your board won’t. The solution to change your board in response to the conditions is to change the type of wax you are using.

Rub-On Wax

If you want a quick performance bump opt for an all-conditions rub-on wax. However, it won’t be as effective or long lasting as hot waxing your bases.

Hot Waxes

If you are looking for a hot wax, there are a variety of waxes for specific temperature ranges which will determine how your waxed surface and the base will interact. You can also opt for a “universal” hot wax, it won’t last as long as a temperature-specific wax, but it will last longer than rub-on wax.

High-Performance Wax

High-performance wax is usually more expensive compared to other waxes but these waxes contain fluorocarbon which helps boards perform better in wetter snow.

But in general, the best thing you can do is match the temperature forecast to the type of wax you are using.

How Often Should You Wax Your Skis or Snowboard?

Some professionals may apply wax to their equipment between every run and other never wax. While there is no right or wrong answer, here are some guidelines to why you might want to wax your board.

  • If you are skiing in a new region and the snow is wetter or drier than your normal snowboarding conditions, rewax your board.
  • Wax wears more quickly when you snowboard in regular powder.
  • If you see a chalky-gray residue on the base of your board, you will want to rewax.
  • If the snow ever feels like it is sticky, it’s time to rewax.
  • Before the end of the snowboarding season is over, rewax to prevent the base from drying out.