People who are serious about snowboarding know that waxing the snowboard is an important way to maintain an excellent board condition. Many people wonder how often they need to wax it. However, this depends on several things, such as how the board was made, how often it is used, what conditions it is exposed to, and how fast they want their snowboard to go.

The Base of the Snowboard

The base of the snowboard is either made of sintered bases or extruded bases. People who have a board with a sintered base will need to wax their snowboard more than people who have an extruded base because the material is more porous. It will absorb more wax, creating a faster ride. However, if a person has a sintered base but does not wax their board, they will have a very slow snowboard. A waxed board provides more benefits than an unwaxed one.

How Often They Ride

Snowboarders need to consider how often they use their board to determine how often they need to wax it. People who don’t ride very often won’t need to wax their board very often. However, people who ride more will need to wax their boards more because they naturally lose wax as they are ridden.

What are the Conditions?

It is also important to consider the different conditions the board is exposed to. If the board is exposed to icy or harsh conditions, the snowboarder will need to wax the board more often. People who are only riding powder or smooth surfaces will not need to wax their board as often. The exposed rocks, roots, or ice can damage a board, so it is important to keep it waxed because it provides a protective layer.

How Fast The Snowboard Should Be

People who want a fast ride also need to wax their boards more often. Beginners who want their boards to go slower won’t need to wax their boards often, but veteran riders will want to have more wax to help them approach jumps or accelerate faster. If there is a sintered base and a snowboarder waxes their board often, they will be able to go incredibly fast.