Getting Lost

When adventuring in snow sports it can be easy to get lost. After all, a snowboarder or skier is exploring among a large amount of land with pretty much trees and snow only. After leaving their home prepared, if an enthusiast ever finds themselves in a situation where they are lost the first step should be to not panic. These are a list of additional measures that should be taken in the event that a snowboarder or skier is ever lost.

Plan Ahead

As obvious as it may seem, the biggest thing to do is to not get lost in the first place. Before leaving, a snowboarder or skier should know exactly where they would like to go, understand what the weather conditions will be like, charge their devices completely, and inform anyone of where they will be going. These steps will allow for the adventurer to see any issues that they may have along their journey and will help people locate them in the event that they do get lost on the way. Additionally, snowboarders and skiers should pack more than enough food, water, gear, and supplies in their backpacks prior to leaving home.

Bring a Friend or Few

Even if a snowboarder or skier does not know where they are, a friend might. Friends can collaborate together and figure out how to get out of a difficult situation. It will be rough for friends to be equally lost together, so make sure to bring friends who are skilled and know the area somewhat well.

Get Located

A snowboarder or skier may need to retrace their steps in order to locate themselves. If that is not an option, based off of the careful planning that they did prior to leaving the house, an enthusiast might be able to locate themselves based off of the surrounding area. If these two strategies don’t work it is best for the snowboarder or skier to remain where they are rather than traveling further out from their original course.

Prepared for the Worst

A snowboarder or skier may be lost for a while before they are deemed to be missing by someone at home. Therefore, it is important for them to conserve their resources and position themselves in a location that can be easily viewed or accessed by search parties. Chances are that it will take some time until anyone notices you are missing. It may be too late in the day to launch a search party, so you may want to prepare yourself to spend the night in the wild.The first thing you need to consider is conserving heat. Try building a snow cave and using the natural resources around you to protect you.
Getting lost is definitely scar, but it’s important to stay as calm as possible until help arrives.