The winter 2020 snowboard season was rapidly and greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Popular snowboarding activities, like group lessons, were suddenly made unavailable during the season to ensure the safety of resort and park guests. However, with the introduction of COVID vaccines and the education of the overall public, the 2021 winter season is expected to be much less restrictive for snowboarders. There are several things that snowboarders should be aware of for the upcoming snowboarding season.


Overcoming Mask Mandates

Mask mandates have now been eased as a result of the vaccinations that have been made available to the public. While it is not a certainty, outdoor mask mandates will most likely be non-existent, allowing snowboarders to enjoy riding the outdoor trails without being constantly reminded to lift up their masks or to put on their masks. Additionally, many guests and employees will have been vaccinated, ultimately increasing the safety of everyone in the parks.


Snowboard Destinations

There are a variety of changes and improvements that have been made to the numerous snowboarding destinations that are available for snowboarders. Many resorts, such as Beaver Creek in Colorado, have added more terrain and features for snowboarders and skiiers to enjoy. There are several new events and celebrations that will be available for riders to participate in at the resorts, like the 75th anniversary celebration of Aspen Snowmass in January.


Purchasing Park Passes

Snowboarders should begin purchasing their passes for the winter season. As usual, there are season passes and multi-resort passes that are available for snowboarders to purchase. There are also day passes that are available for snowboarders who do not plan on having extended stays at ski resorts.


Finding Snowboarding Gear

Gear is widely available for snowboarders to purchase or rent. Snowboarders who would like to rent snowboard gear have a variety of options that are available to them. A variety of ski resorts, for example, offer rental packages to snowboarders that include both passes for the parks and gear


Knowing the Rules

It is important for every snowboarder to know the rules and protocols of their parks before they embark on their journeys. Some resorts and parks may have mask and vaccine mandates for their guests to follow.