Once novice boarders have a solid grasp of the basics, they are often ready to take on more advanced maneuvers. Honing and adopting more complex movements only makes spending a day on the slopes that much more fun and exciting. Experienced boarders offer a number of techniques that enable beginners to step up their skills

Steering the Board

Changing direction while careening down a hill requires using both feet and staying centered on the board. Resist the urge to shift your weight to the back foot, which causes a skid. Use the front foot to start the turn while the back foot follows. Boarders may shift their weight slightly to the front foot during the process. But, they return to the center as the board turns in the desired direction. This snowboarding technique is also used when gliding down steeper hills. But, it is often helpful to bend the front leg to better match the slope while keeping your body straight and properly aligned. 

Controlling Board Speed

Board speed is easily altered when implementing turns or riding on different terrain types. In order to go slower, make wide turns while going down the slope. The wider the turn, the slower the speed. When wanting to stop, simply turn the board uphill. However, be mindful of other boarders and skiers using the course at the same time. Make a point of looking around before performing maneuvers. 

Spraying Snow

Turning a board on fresh powder enables riders to spray a wave of snow into the air. Performing the act requires going into a turn by taking a lower stance. Simultaneously, push both feet away from you and out at the midpoint of the turn. Snow begins flying as the rear foot digs downward. The trick is often used as a means to slow down when careening down a slope. The technique is also used to stop. Take a low stance when initially trying to stop. Straighten your body as the snow flies up and downward. Practice spraying on one side and then the other. The act of stooping and standing multiple times is a great way to strengthen leg muscles.