Snowboarding is a fantastic activity to engage in, especially during the complicated time we are currently experiencing due to the pandemic. Snowboarding is a great social distancing activity. If one is looking for a state in the United States to engage in snowboarding, Colorado is the place to be. Colorado is a great place for snowboarding as it has plenty of ski resorts and facilities that encompass skiers of all skill levels. In this piece, we will take an in-depth look at the top places to snowboard in the state of Colorado.

  1. The Aspen Snowmass

The Aspen Snowmass is famous for how its terrain allows one to feel as they are riding. It cannot be duplicated. The Aspen Snowmass is a sizable 3,000 acres. Its location leaves snowboarding enthusiasts in a beautiful state of euphoria. Each of the location’s four mountains has its terrain. After an excellent snowboarding run, there is plenty of activities for one to do. There are plenty of dining options that can be seen in the facility’s restaurants. For those that have children, one can enjoy the children’s center located in ButterMilk Mountain.

  1. Vail Mountain Resort

One of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado is the Vail Mountain Resort. This facility is home to several back bowls. This location is geared towards beginners and intermediates. It is hard for one not to find a good place to snowboard in this resort.

This resort gets a lot of snow during the season. Currently, the resort is undergoing a project that will boost the resort’s ability to produce snow in the facility. The place is very well kept. Vail contains over 5,000 acres of terrain in total.

  1. Loveland Ski Resort

The Loveland Ski Resort is centrally located in the Denver area. It has been in existence for nearly eight decades. Loveland Ski Resort is geared toward newcomers or beginners. The resort’s open terrain is geared towards those that are trying this as a new activity. The resort also offers very reasonable prices regardless of age or skill level. Snowboarders are also provided the Loveland Ski Resort’s Ridge.