Snowboarding is a sport that attracts hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the world. Some of the participants are professionals in the sport while others participate for leisure and fun. But for the participants to take part in snowboarding, they need to find a mountain to go snowboarding. The options are limitless, but here are some of the best snowboarding mountains globally where you can travel.

One of the best snowboarding mountains in the United States is the Mammoth Mountain based in California. Some of the reasons why this is considered one of the best options include the amount of snow. The mountain gets about four hundred inches of snowfall every year. After the snow falls, people should also consider the time available for them to go snowboarding. Mammoth Mountain offers enough snowboarding time with three hundred days in a sunny year; the snowboarding time is also extended since the season continues further than in other places until July. The mountain also offers over three thousand acres of slopes, which is more than enough for an epic ride.

If records are to be considered when choosing a snowboarding destination, the Vail in Colorado is one of the best places to go. Professionals from all over the world visit the Vail for its terrain. With a couple of half pipes and many jumps, the mountain offers everything a rider dreams to do. Some of the jumps down the slope are almost fifty feet high. Several snowboarding events also take place on the slopes, including several championships and local events.

For nature lovers and learners in the sport, the best option is the Bachelor Mountain in Oregon. The mountain is at the Deschutes National Forest, which spans for over two million acres. The forest offers breathtaking views as people ride down the slopes on over four thousand acres meant for snowboarding—the reason why Mt. Bachelor is a good option for snowboarders because it offers a range of terrain from simple slopes to extreme slopes for more experienced riders. Nature lovers also get to camp out in nature since there are no results anywhere around. The mountain is a combination of fun, breathtaking views, and experiencing nature.