Snowboards are created in a large array of styles in order to provide the most effective ride under different circumstances. There are boards for beginners and gliding along powder. Other boards are created specifically for freestyle or mountain trails. Along with types, many different companies are popular for their brand of boards.


The Burton company has been manufacturing snowboards since 1977. Over the years, their popularity has enabled their boards to be some of the easily recognized on the market. The boards are made in Burlington, Vermont and feature top-of-the-line graphics and styles. Kelly Clark, Mark McMorris and Shaun White are some of the company’s more famous customers.

Lib Tech

Lib Tech has been in the snowboard crafting business for more than three decades. The Banana Technology and Magne-Traction are their most popular boards. The company annually introduces new boards featuring a variety of contours, flex abilities and shapes. The boards are manufactured in the United States. Many choose the company boards, as Lib Tech is known for their sustainable manufacturing procedures and use of advanced materials.


For more than two decades, Arbor has been devoted to creating quality snowboards while respecting the environment. Not only do their boards perform well but the company uses sustainable materials that include bamboo and wood. Quality graphics and top-of-the-line engineering ensure that the boards appeal to riders and offer maximum performance.


The company is based in the Pacific Northwest and began manufacturing snowboard 16 years ago. Capita had humble beginnings but was soon able to compete with some of the most reputable manufactures on the planet. Capita boards are created to provide the best ride possible for every environment. The manufacturer is also proud of its ability to use sustainable practices to create boards that are known for their performance.


Rossignol has been manufacturing winter sports equipment since 1907. Over the decades, hundreds of amateur and professional athletes used their products to enjoy snow sports, compete and win medals. The French company began creating snowboards in 1987. Their years of experience easily puts them in the top 10 list of recommended snowboard companies.

GNU Snowboards

The company was founded by snowboarders who also design and create the boards. GNU is based in Washington and has been producing products since 1977. They are known for manufacturing some of the most unique boards available, which typically feature deeply carved sidecuts.

For any of your future snowboarding needs, check out any of these cool brands! You won’t be disappointed.