Snowboarding and skateboarding are similar in many regards. However, there are a couple of key differences that should be noted. For 2020, let us take a very close look at snowboarding versus skateboarding and how they compare.

Riding skills

To start things off, these two sports require slightly different riding skills. On a skateboard, all four wheels are on the ground at all times. On a snowboard, you’re frequently carving on the edge of the board. Moreover, breaking on a snowboard is done by pivoting the board at a sharp angle. For skateboards, you can only stop using your foot, which can be dangerous at high speeds.

Stance and balance

In addition, your stance changes a little bit as well. On a skateboard, you want to keep your feet parallel at all times for balance. On a snowboard, because you’re strapped in, you have a little more freedom to take risks. You can angle your feet at different degrees to shift your momentum and balance. Although snowboards tend to be the longer of the two, length doesn’t really have an effect on your stance.

Learning curve

Last but not least, the learning curve of skateboarding is widely accepted to be more difficult. You will inevitably fall when starting off, and there’s nowhere to go except the hard concrete. Shoulder and knee pads are a must for beginner skateboards. Mistakes while snowboarding will lead to a tumble into the snow, which is a much softer surface. Because snowboarding is done on a hill, there’s less of a need to learn how to push off and shift your weight back and forth. Everything more or less comes in one natural motion while skateboarding is a little jerkier overall.

This year, when all is said and done, snowboarding and skateboarding have many similarities and differences. Both are awesome activities that will provide a thrill every single time. Choose your type of boarding and have some fun!