Many ladies are known as the best snowboarders globally in both the past and the present time. Such women do not go unnoticed because of their unique skills; they are worth putting on posters and magazines.

Being a snowboarding fan will keep you watching videos and some of these athletes’ latest life updates. You will be interested to know where they live, their hobbies, interests, and level of success. It is pretty fun knowing that some of these snowboarders became gold medalists at a very young age.

Hannah Teter

Hannah is a famous American snowboarder, athlete, and philanthropist born on 27th January 1987. She won a gold medal at the young age of about 19 years in Torino, Italy. During the 2010 Olympic Games, Teter also won a silver medal and a bronze medal at the 2005 FIS World Championships at Whistler, British Columbia. The lady also has over six World Cup victories since she started snowboarding.

Karine Ruby

Karine has won more than 65 Snowboard World Cup events and other additional medals. She was the first woman in history to win an Olympic gold medal. Karine Ruby died in a fatal accident some years ago. However, she left a great legacy as a snowboarder and played a role in showing the world that women are great snowboarders.

Torah Jane Bright

Torah is an Australian snowboarder aged 33 years. She is Australia’s most professional snowboarder and has won both the Olympic gold and silver medals too. She was the first female athlete to qualify for halfpipe, slopestyle, and boarder-cross snowboarding disciplines.

Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim is among the youngest American snowboarders and was born on 23rd April 2000. In 2018, she was the first youth to win a gold medal at the Winter Youth Olympic Games and the four-time X Games. At the age of 16, she already had two medals, making her famous; Chloe was also the first to land back-to-back 1080 spins.

Linn Hug

Linn is a Norwegian snowboarder who started the activity at only 15 years of age. She scored the best performances in most competitions and was the female rider of 2007, 2008, and 2009 in the Norwegian Snowboard Awards.

The list of female snowboarders is becoming endless as women are empowered daily to join the industry. These famous snowboarders have paved the way for ladies and made them superior when it comes to sporting activities.