As one goes deeper into understanding snowboarding, one of the things they learn to appreciate is the nuance of tricks. For instance, when one takes a closer look at a grab, they immediately notice what grab means. It could be the grab counter rotates the direction of the rider’s spin, the grab reduces the center of the mass, the rider switches up the grab at mid-air, or the rider holds the grab.

Like every sport, snowboarding has its trick that can sometimes be difficult for new riders. Here is a quick round-up of the most challenging snowboarding tricks.

Yuki Kadono, Backside Quad 1980°

Yuki Kadono in 2017added an extra 180°to the Backside Quad 1980°, outdoing everyone and making it the most extensive rotation ever done on a snowboard.

Marcus Kleveland, Backside 540° Rewind

The young Norwegian Marcus Kleveland is by far the most progressive snowboard ridder in the world. His ultra-technical quad corks mixed with creative knuckle tricks and flat-ground kinds of butter takes freestyle in a whole new direction. His mind-blowing stylish backside 540 rewinds he pulled a 720 then threw it in reverse at the last minute. That made the Backside 540° Rewind the most technical trick ever made on a snowboard.

Vlad Khadarin, Frontside 360° Rewind

Still, on rewinding, Russian Vlad Khadarin makes a cool off-axis FS5, then rewinds it to 360 at the last second. Additionally, in 2016 Vlad Khadarin pulled out the first flat spin FS 1800°.

Scotty James, Handrecht

Handplant is a snowboard trick that has been around for a long time, for that they will always have maximum chill factors, especially when mixed with a stylish and new twist. Australian Scotty James performed the Handrecht slide with an invented method where he knuckles a jump then freezes for the duration. He made the trick one of the hardest in snowboarding.

Eiki Helgason, 360º flip Hippie Jump

Eiki Helgason, the eldest of the Helgason brothers, performs the flip Hippie Jump with NBD dropping. His performance highlights a one-foot backflip, Darkslide, and excellently done 360 flips with a Hippie Jump.

Halldór Helgason, FS180 gap to switch Misty Flip

In 2017 Halldór Helgason performed a Superpark 21, delivering each time his huge gap–butter–flip was one of the many reasons he received a Standout award.

Fridtjof Tischendorf, Alley Oop wallride 720 Out

This unknown Norwegian Fridtjof made a grand entry into Superpark #21. He pulled out one of the hardest tricks while wearing a backpack. His Alley Oop wallride 720 out was one of the most complex tricks ever pulled on the Superpark #21.