It’s late Spring, but there’s still be plenty of powder somewhere. Plenty of powder for you to let loose and do a little snowboarding. Oh, but wait, you’ve never tried snowboarding before. That’s OK, it’s just one minor little detail we’re going to help you address with this list of the most common snowboarding tricks. Study up and soon you’ll be snowboarding like a pro.

(1) Ollie:

Let’s start with the Ollie because it is the takeoff point (pun intended) for learning most of the other common snowboarding tricks. To perform an Ollie, all you need to do is get airborne using the back of your board. Just a little bit of air is all you need. This is a good way for a snowboarding beginner to get used to being in the air.

(2) Nose Grab:

Now that you’ve mastered the Ollie, let’s go for something a little more involved like the Nose Grab. This common snowboarding trick is pretty straightforward. Take off and get some air, hold your back leg straight, lift your front leg and then with your leading hand grab the front tip of your board. See? Simple.

(3) Mute Grab:

A slight variation of the Nose Grab, the Mute Grab is also an easy and common snowboarding trick. To do a Mute Grab all you do is go airborne, like the Nose Grab, except you pull both legs up and grab ahold of your board’s toe where your boots meet the snowboard.

(4) Shifty:

Impress your friends with this fun little snowboarding trick called the Shifty. This common snowboarding trick is slightly more complicated than some of the others, but it’s still relatively easy to accomplish. Simply get up into the air, rotate your snowboard 90 degrees either way (left or right), and then rotate it back in front of you right before your land. You’ll look like a Junior Snowboarding God or Goddess when you master this one.

Snowboarding is a fun and exhilarating outdoor sport you can try to get yourself through the cold Winter and Spring months. Start slow and start with these common snowboarding tricks before progressing to the more difficult ones. No worries, you’ll get there! Hey, even Shaun White had to start somewhere, right?