Snowboarding at night is not something that many people do. Most people like to snowboard during the day sessions and spend their nights either getting rest for the next day or enjoying the nightlife that the local scene has to offer. Not all places offer night sessions for snowboarders and skiers but there are a few places that do. Monopolize on these sessions because they can be some of the most memorable and interesting times of any snowboarder’s career.

The Benefits

More Space
As alluded to earlier, many people do not ride at night but prefer to do so during the day sessions. With less people on the slopes, night snowboarders have access to more of the courses and decreased wait times for the lifts. Snowboarding at night also means you can take your time and take in the scenery rather than worrying about the next person in line.

Cheaper Lifts

Though it isn’t true for every place, many places offer cheaper prices for people who would like to access the ski lifts at night. Combined with the smaller, even non-existent, lines, ski lifts can provide very quick access to different locations of the park at night.

Great Atmosphere

Though the conditions may be colder than during the daytime, the atmosphere at night is great. The stars are out and if the resort is among the trees the snowboarders will be able to see them all night.
Staying Safe
While snowboarding at night is great experience for anyone to have, it’s important to take precaution. Snowboarding conditions are different at night compared to day and if you don’t take the rules seriously enough, you can end up pretty hurt.
Be Prepared
The conditions at night will be colder than during the day. Snowboarders should be prepared with extra layers of clothing for their bodies, faces, and hands. Additionally, natural lighting will be scarce but the resort most likely will have bright lights for snowboarders who want to venture out at night. However, snowboarders should make sure to pack some sort of light in case of an emergency and special goggles that are designed for night use.

Ride with Friends

Riding with friends most likely will increase the fun that any group of snowboarders have but will also increase the safety of the group. The slopes, due to icy conditions, will be more slippery than during the day. Also, dark areas will be harder to see through. Should anything happen it is great to have a friend around for help.