Snowboarding is one of America’s favorite sports. It’s creative, exhilarating and inventive. Going down the side of a mountain on a snowboard can be a great liberating feeling. Snowboards are always an adventure, but they’re also deceptively simple.

A snowboard tool, also known as a binding tool is a must for any snowboarder, no matter what level they’re at. Like skis, snowboards have bindings designed to keep the rider attached to the board. It’s important to be able to adjust these bindings for the optimal ride. It’s also a safety issue. If bindings come loose at the top of a mountain, a snowboard tool is essential. A walk down in the snow can last hours compared to a run on the board.

So what are some good snowboard tools? There are options that can work for every level and price point. A Leatherman Wingman or Hail is a great option. It includes a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, as well as other essentials like a knife and a can opener. Anyone who boards off the beaten track in the backcountry should consider a multi-tool in the Leatherman mold.

The Burton Mountain Essentials kit includes everything from board wax to extra screws and an edge sharpener. This kit means snowboarders are prepared for just about any eventuality. A multi-tool is great for reattaching a lost screw if it can be found in the snow. This Burton kit means peace of mind and never worrying even if a screw does get lost.

The Dakine Stance Driver Snowboard Tool features great design. It’s easy to grip and use and has great torque. This tool has a variety of bits for tightening bindings of any size. There’s also a built-in measuring tape. This makes it easy to check that the stance is aligned properly. It’s a great basic. No snowboarder should be on the mountain without a tool like this.

The Bakoda Mciver Driver is a multi-tool that can be a great alternative to a Leatherman or Dakine type tool. It features a measuring tape, Phillips and flathead bits, and a push-button driver. It’s also got a unique slim profile, resembling a flash drive. This is an option that offers both style and functionality for users.