The snowboarding season has come and gone, which means it’s time to put all of your gear into storage. Since you hopefully want to keep everything in good shape for next winter, here is what you need to do when you put your equipment away for the next several months.

Inspect Your Gear for Damage

If you’ve been active on the slopes all winter, your gear has probably sustained some damage, even if it’s just normal wear and tear. Check your boots, goggles, gloves, jacket, and pants for any holes, and check your snowboard for scratches or any broken bindings. Many of these problems will get worse if you let them sit for the next several months, so fix them now or get some replacement gear.

Remove All Snowboard Bindings

Before you start to tune and wax your board, remove all the bindings from it. It will make the waxing much easier. Keep a Ziploc bag on hand for all of your screws so you don’t lose any.

Tune Your Board

Tuning your board means filling in any scratches and holes and making sure the surface is clean and smooth. A professional snowboard tuning kit will have everything you need as well as instructions on how to use it, so pick one up at a sporting goods store if you haven’t already.

Wax Your Board

Waxing your snowboard with a waxing iron will prevent it from drying out or delaminating. You should be doing this during snowboarding season, but applying a layer of wax before you put your board into storage will help keep it ready for next winter. Waxing your board helps your board feel smooth for your next ride and protects it against any harsh elements that you may encounter.
Store Your Snowboard in a Cool Place

Once your snowboard has been tuned and waxed, you can store it in a cool place with the rest of your gear. Avoid storing your snowboard on a hard flat surface such as the floor of your garage or under your bed as that can cause your board to lose its camber. Either keep it on a soft cushion, on a carpeted surface or suspended in the air somewhere. As long as you don’t keep it anywhere that will get too hot in the summer and you don’t leave it carelessly on a concrete floor, your board should be ready for you next winter.