If you are new to snowboarding you likely don’t know where to begin when looking for the right board as a beginner. There are many questions you might be asking. How long should the board be? Is it better to have a stiff board or a flexible one? How much does a beginner snowboard cost?

These are all good questions. Here are some top picks for stater snowboards that can help you narrow down your search for the perfect beginner board.

Burton Ripcord

If you are looking to get started in snowboarding, the 2021 Burton Ripcord is a top contender for a beginner’s board. This board is designed for ease of use. The stance of the Ripcord is set toward the back and there is a slight taper from front to back. This is a soft-flexing and flat/rocker directional snowboard.

What is really nice about this snowboard is the convex base that is designed to lift the edges off of the snow surface. That means that you won’t catch an edge that could lead to a fall.

The Burton Ripcord is well priced at around $380.00.

Salomon Sight X

The Salomon Sight X is nice because it is available in different sizes, ranging from 153cm to 162cm. Salomon also offers the board in different widths. A wider board can offer better stability for a beginner.

The Sight X is designed with a camber between the feet and rocker beyond the boot placement easy turning. This board is a bit soft with a ranking of 2 out of 5 on the stiffness scale. The Aspen core does give the board a little bit of snap for when you are more adventurous and want to take to the air.

The Salomon Sight X beginner board will not break the bank at $350.

CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy

The CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard is probably the best women’s starter snowboard. The flat/rocker and medium flex make this snowboard great for handling all sorts of terrain. You could hang on to this board for a long time because it is still a good choice for those who are a bit more intermediate in ability.

It has to be mentioned that the available graphics on the CAPiTA are radical and really make the board pop. As well, this company has one of the most environmentally friendly production facilities. That is a plus if saving the planet is on your to-do list.

The CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy sells for around $400.00