As one of the most exciting snow sports, it is no surprise that snowboarding is an ideal activity to capture on Instagram. The visual nature of this site makes it perfect for showing off flashy moves, beautiful terrain, and athletic people. Here are some of the top snowboarding Instagrams that everyone should check out.

Scott Stevens

Scott is a fun guy to check out for those who want to be truly entertained. His Instagram is loaded with fun videos of him doing unique tricks that involve snowboards, rails, trampolines, skateboards, and more. Those who follow Scott get to see the more creative tricks that are not commonly used in snowboarding competitions.

Torah Bright

Torah is sponsored by Roxy and has won multiple Olympic medals, but her Instagram is still down to earth and natural looking. There are plenty of organic shots captured in the middle of snowboarding practice, and she also shares private shots of her hanging out with her husband, family, and friends that capture her sunny mood and happy laughter.

Sebastien Toutant

Sebastien routinely shows up at the top of lists recommending Instagram snowboarding accounts because of his carefully crafted account. This Insta shows videos and picks of the gold-winning Olympian snowboarding, spending time with friends, and travelling.

Takayuki Nakamura

This account might be mostly in Japanese, but it is still wildly entertaining. Takayuki is primarily popular for starring in the hit Netflix Japanese reality show Terrace House, but he is also a solid professional skateboarder. The quirky Instagram provides a fascinating look into the Japanese snowboarding scene.

Elena Hight

As a Winter Olympian and gold medalist in the X Games, Elena is definitely a great snowboarder to check out. In addition to all the snaps of her snowboarding, there are also many gorgeous nature shots. Since Elena is an avid conservationist, her Instagram highlights a variety of lovely places, ranging from beaches to forests to mountains.

Xavier de le Rue

As the freeride champion of the world, Xavier spends a lot of time exploring the wilds of places like Alaska or Antarctica. He captures all of these stunning locations on his Instagram. Followers get to see beautiful pictures of the mountains, snow, ice, and stars Xavier views on his journeys.

From Scott Steves to Xavier de le Rue, these snowboarders offer an inside look into the snowboarding industry. These are a few of my favorite accounts, what are yours?