For all the snowboarder shredders who are looking for a good read throughout the year, this is the blog post for you. If you want to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry or looking for some good board reviews, then check out some blogs from around the globe.

If you’re continuously looking for a good deal for lift tickets, then look no further than The blog is well written, up-to-date with the latest articles, and a great place to find a great deal on lift tickets.

If you’re a beginner or seasonal snowboarder who’s constantly looking for tutorials than consider The site also has training equipment. If you’re not sure what type of gear to get and have some questions on what’s really worth your money, then consider checking out this site for some tips.

A lot of people who snowboard also take up surf, skate, or both during their off time. For this reason, was created. They call themselves “the independent republic of snow.” They have a big social media presence; the site is well constructed and easy to navigate.

If you’re considering snowboarding while abroad, consider checking out The site is considered the number one UK online community. In this site, you’ll find a discussion forum, photo gallery, videos, snow reports, and a classified section where you can find a good bargain.

Print magazines, in general, are beginning to see a decline; however, the has resurrected the appearance of a magazine. The site based out of the United Kingdome is easy to navigate. It has articles on the latest competition results, shred clips, interviews, and there’s also funny articles.

If you’re interested in following a blog on a specific individual, then consider Torstein Horgom. Torstein has one of the best and most entertaining blogs on the web. His triple corking, big airing, backcountry ripper is very unique and enjoyable to peruse.

The Norwegian writer delivers some hilarious vlogs that showcase his personality. Another cool thing about his blog is that he offers his friends to play a game called “Game of: In Your Face.” Each friend gets an opportunity to call out a trick for the other to do. The one who doesn’t land the trick twice will get some snow slashed in their face.
After scouring the web, these blogs are my go-to favorites and are a great source for both entertainment and information.