Choosing a pair of boots is one of the most important decisions a snowboarder makes after selecting a board and a pair of goggles. The right pair of boots will keep feet warm and dry. With advances in technology, boots have come a long way in terms of looks and comfort, too. These days, several brands use systems that amplify heat from the feet to keep boarders warm and dry.

There are plenty of factors to think about before choosing a boot. A good snowboarding boot is adjustable for a snug fit. It should allow the user to move and turn well. One of the biggest challenges for boot makers has been to make lightweight boots that still absorb shock properly. In recent years, many of them have been able to surmount this challenge. Burton uses new materials to offer features like Auto-CANT cushioning and Dyno-LITE outsoles. Burton’s Moto boots are stylish and sleek with a medium-soft flex. The Ion is a little stiffer, with a cuff surrounding the ankles. Both of these are great choices for beginner to intermediate snowboarders.

ThirtyTwo is known for offering very sharp looking, fashion-forward boots with plenty of features. The STW BOA is a great choice for advanced snowboarders. It has an articulated cuff that’s surprisingly flexible. This makes it easy for the ankle to move without requiring bindings. This boot is a great affordable choice for serious snowboarders. The TM-Three Grenier is very sturdy. It’s also customizable, with inserts that make it possible to adjust the flex. This is a boot that can be adjusted to help it adapt to almost any kind of new terrain. It laces up in a traditional fashion and has an eye-catching camo print.

DC is another brand that’s got real credibility in the snowboarding world. Their Phase boot is a great choice for intermediate snowboarders. It’s got a striking look, with styling borrowed from traditional athletic shoes. Everyone will recognize the leather and nubuck look that’s been modified from classic streetwear shoes. The flex rating on this boot is middle of the road at a five. It’s got a lightweight upper that’s fully waterproofed. This is a great, serviceable boot for snowboarders who already know what they’re doing.