For some the winter is long, cold, and borning. However, for snow enthusiasts like me, it’s an exciting time to hit the slopes with my favorite snowboard. Although snowboarding and skiing are two of the most popular snow sports, they aren’t the only sports you should try out.

Below you will find four sports that will make you want to be outside all winter long.

Snow Shoeing 

If you love hiking in the summer, then snowshoeing will be the perfect activity for you. If you re looking for more of an aggressive workout, that try snow racing, it is a great form of cardio. It is also a pretty competitive sport that can be found in over 20 countries across the United States from Vermont to California.

Ice Boating 

Who says that boating is just for the summer? In the winter, sailors will fit their boats with runners instead of a keel and then glide across the icy body of waters. A few of the most popular spots for ice boating in the US include Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire and Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. Ice boaters have reached pretty fast speeds. Normally they will sail around 55 mph, but speeds of 100 mph have been recorded.

Dog Sledding 

Eskimos once used dog sleddings as a main method of transportation. In the early 20th century, dog sleds were used to transport mail and used by fur trappers to visit their traps. Nowadays dogs sleds have been replaced by snowmobiles and aircraft and dog sledding has become more recreational. Dozens of races take place each winter, especially in Alaska. Two of the biggest races include the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and the  Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race.


Curling is a sport that you may know from the Winter Olympics. What was first introduced to the Olympics in 1998, has grown in popularity. The act of sliding a large stone across a sheet of ice may seem easy, but it can be pretty difficult to accomplish. The sport has been compared to golf since it requires accuracy. However, unlike golf, curling is not a solo effort. The entire team, from the curler to the sweeper, are all vital to the outcome.

Ski Biking 

If you love mountain biking, chances are you will love ski biking too. Instead of wheels, the bike has three mini-skies. To break and slow down all you have to do is drag your feet in the ground. Ski biking is quite easy to do, especially when you are on smaller slopes. It only becomes challenging when you head to steeper slopes.