South America is a popular destination for snowboarders worldwide. It has the longest mountain range, which is about 4,300 miles. There is a multitude of countries spread across the continent; however, only two host ski resorts. Those countries are Argentina and Chile. During this time of year, snowboarders flock towards the Andes mountain range, known to have the highest mountains on Earth. It is said to be comparable to the Himalayas. The ski resorts in South America tend to operate in the southern hemisphere. The dates they are open are in the winter and spring months of June to October. Some of the popular resorts that snowboarders travel to are the Cerro Catedral, Portillo, Nevados de Chillan, and Chapelco.

Cerro Catedral can be found in the skirts of Bariloche at a latitude of 41ºS. It is known for the Nubes chairlift, and the number of lifts corresponds to 38. Located in Chile, the Portillo resort is well known for possessing a sunny lodge and placed above the Inca Lake in the heart of the Andes. An American-Chilean Purcell family owns the inn with World Cup winners, billionaire Brazilian bankers, and even supermodels passing through their halls. Many travelers enjoy visiting Portillo because of its’ exclusive resort and continuously developing camaraderie. The terrains are generally above treeline and steep in areas with surface lifts made intentionally to avoid circumstances where people get hit by avalanches. Next, the Nevados de Chillan resort is located 82 km from Chillan, Chile. This resort is notorious for its’ heavy snowfall, which is more than any other resort within the southern hemisphere.

Also, a famous violent wind often occurs whenever a storm hits the area called Puelche. After the Puelche leaves, the site is welcomed with warm weather, which uncommon in most ski resorts. Finally, the Chapelco resort is located near the Patagonian village of San Martin de Los Andes. This is found in the lake district of Neuquén Province. Most tourists travel to Chapelco resort from June to September because it receives between 20 and 30 feet of snow around that time frame. The ski terrains are home to the Roxy and Quicksilver Snow Jams, rails, and kickers for snowboarders of every skill level.