If you are looking to fully immerse yourself into the snowboarding scene, you will want to be able to understand what other riders are talking about. Snowboarding, like any culture, has its own language but as a beginner, it can be hard to decode the language of snowboarders. To ease your worries, below you can find your personal crash course of the most common rider lingo.

Shreddin’ The Gnar

Shreddin’’ the gnar is a phrase that means riding the terrain. Although this phrase seems to be more complex, it is a cool way to that you are going snowboarding.


Backcountry snowboarding describe areas of the mountain that have not been groomed by the ski runs or resorts. Backcountry terrain is normally rougher terrain but is often desire by riders who are seeking out fresh powder.

Jib or Jibbing

Jib is used to describe an action. When a rider jibs they are jumping, sliding, or riding on objects that are not snow. Jibbing is freestyle technique that has a strong influence from skateboarding.

Park Rat

Mountain resorts and slopes will often have a dedicated section for a freestyle park. In this park, riders can practice or try out new tricks on rails or jumps. A park rat is someone who spends the majority of their time within the freestyle park and little to no time on the slopes of the mountain.


Stop is a positive term that is used when you land a jump or trick. Usually boarders use it to compliment other boarders. For example someone might say, “You stomped that landing!”


To bail means the opposite of stomp. If you hear someone saying you bailed on that trick, it means that you missed or didn’t land the trick.


Carving is an advance technique used by snowboarders where the edge of the snowboard cuts into the snow leaving a clean line. Carving turns allows you to have more control of your snowboard in higher speeds.

Yard Sale

A yard sale is a term that describes someone who not only falls but loses all of their equipment in the process. When someone commits a “yard sale” you can often see a rider scrambling up the hill to gather their hat, gloves, or goggles, that are scattered up the hill.

If you are looking to spend more time on brushing up on more snowboard terms and definitions check out Chill Factore for a complete list.