No matter what your level of skill in the world of snowboarding, headgear is vital.

Snowboarding is an exciting action sport loved by millions across the globe. It’s a fun, action-packed, exciting sport that takes a lot of time and dedication but comes with high risks of injury.

Headgear also serves to protect you from the elements and keeps your head and neck dry and warm when out on the slopes as well.

With that said, here are some considerations for snowboarding headgear.



A good helmet is the first line of protection from a serious head injury. One small tip to keep in mind is that before you get to the mountain, make sure you’ve already adjusted your helmet to the needed size. Doing this helps prevent your hands from freezing from adjusting the straps while out on the slopes (it’s very cold). It’s a good idea to take care of this before you start.


Face mask

Face masks are ubiquitous amongst skiers and snowboarders for their simplicity. Pull it down over your head and up to the chin to cover your neck and mouth area up to your nose.



A tight-fitting garment that fits all-around your head and covers the entire face except for the eyes. Wearing a helmet over the Balaclava is a good move.



Hoods are a great all-in-one product for protecting your head and neck against the elements. A hood is usually loose-fitting, so you can wear it over your helmet.



Goggles are yet another essential tool. Goggles keep the snow and water out of your eyes, as well as reflecting bright light. Goggles should be worn underneath the helmet with a snug fit. Without proper eyewear, a rider will not be able to see, which is a frightening prospect. Goggles are yet another vital piece of headgear for you to consider.


Additional Considerations

You may also want to consider a mouth-guard and a face shield as well. A (breathable) mouth-guard helps to prevent head injuries. A face shield serves the same purpose and offers even more protection. Most accidents occur during the beginning phase, so having an extra layer of protection couldn’t hurt (heh).


Headgear is a vital part of snowboarding equipment no matter what your experience level. With these tips and considerations in mind, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes safely in no time!