In recent years, there has been a rise in popularity when it comes to 3D printing. 3D printers have the capability to produce a variety of products from bionic limbs to airplane parts to clothes. With 3D printing impacting so many different industries, it’s no wonder that it made its mark on the snowboarding industry. When it comes to 3D printing, the technology has been regularly used for prototypes. However, CIME Industries explores the snowboarding industry and attempts to create a 3D printed snowboard.
As part of CIME Industries construction of the board, they used what’s called FUS3D Technology. The technology is able to combine 3D printing with winter sports. The wooden part of the board that’s connected to a tailor-made thermoplastic side panel is recyclable and sustainable. Also, it protects the sensitive core and it absorbs board vibrations. As a result, it’s more enjoyable to ride down the slopes and it’s also environmentally friendly.An interview with CIME CEO Antoine Postaire was held to discuss the advantages of the new FUS3D Technology, and the path that was taken from idea to production. The advantages of using 3D printing were apparent in the assembling facilities. One of the main issues before the technology was used, was supplying the central wood core and plastic sidewalls for skis and snowboards. The supply and production would have long lead times. The FUS3D technology is able to solve the lead times, because of it’s flexibility and reactivity. A few of the advantages would be:

– Costs: Reduction in the production cost
– Quality: Improved impact resistance at lower temperatures, resulting in fewer customer returns
– Quantity: No minimum order requirement
– Design: Customer is able to customize any sidewall color
– Ecological Aspect: -40% consumption of plastic used for the sidewall

There are benefits to using FUS3D Technology, because of its sustainability. Therefore, the winter sports business is expected to use the technology in its ski’s and snowboards.

In 2018, CIME Industries reached a major accomplishment by receiving Product of the Year in the Snowsports segment. As excited of the breakthrough technology, they decided to stick “Product of the Year 2018” labels on the CAPITA Spring Break powder boards.

In addition to receiving 2018 Product of the Year, other companies are commenting that the construction used in the FUS3D Technology, could revolutionize how snowboards and skis are made in the long term. They have recognized the durability and flexibility of the manufacturing process and they have also taken notice on the eco-friendly aspect.