If you don’t live in the North Pole, chances are you don’t get to experience snow year round. Without any snow, you make think you are out of luck during snowboarding’s offseason. But that’s where you are wrong! Even if you don’t have snow to practice and master your skills on, you can still condition your body and harness your skills for when snowboarding season comes along once again. And here’s how you can do just that!

Try Your Skills in a Similar Sport

To keep practicing and improving your snowboarding skills in the offseason, the best thing you can do is pick up a sport that is similar. Skateboarding for example has a lot in common with snowboarding. Both sports require a lot of balance and many of the jumps and tricks are the same, like spinning, halfpipes, etc. You will find that a lot of professional snowboarders, like Broc Waring and Shaun White, are skateboarders too!

Invest in a Trampoline

To increase your stamina and master your flip tricks, try practicing on trampoline. When you master your moves, whether that be spinning or flipping, take to the next level and grab your snowboard. Even without any snow, you can practice your flips! Strap on your board, get on the trampoline, and to flipping! Getting comfortable with your tricks on the trampoline will make an easier transition to snow. This technique is also used by World Cup snowboarder Liu Jiayu, maybe in time you’ll be snowboarding like her too!

Offseason Conditioning

Anyone who has tried snowboarding can agree that the sport is pretty physically demanding. It’s hard to walk away from a snowboarding session without feeling sore and drained. To make sure your muscles remain conditioned all year long, work out! Biking and running are great aerobic exercises that will ensure your cardiovascular system performs at its best. You will also want to strength train your entire body in order to avoid injury and help nail your next jump.

Exercises Specifically Geared For Snowboarders

Plyometric exercises are the perfect exercises for snowboarders. These type of exercises are pretty intense and use the maximum power to help strengthen your muscles. Popular plyometric exercises include box jumps, squat jumps, and stair jumps. Backcountry snowboarder Jussi Oksanen recommends trying single leg stability hops with a Bosu ball. This exercise in particular can help prevent injury during a faulty fall and prepare you for a softer landing.