Before you hit the slopes, it is always a good idea to tune your snowboard before you do. Tuning your snowboard is essential if you want to progress as a snowboarder. Tuning your board allows you to go fast and turn with more ease. Overall tuning your board helps to ensure you will have a safe and fun experience. There are several steps you need to take to accomplish this.

Step one is to perform edge sharpening. You will first need to take the bindings off your snowboard. Start sharpening with the base edge and then work your way over to the side edge. It’s best to have a wetted diamond stone, as this is the safest way to remove burrs and rust. Mount your snowboard on a stand and then choose the angle you need to file. Make sure the strokes you are using are even and smooth. Repeat this on every edge of the board before moving on to the next step.

Step two is to find your contact points and detune them. Contact points are generally found two inches below and above the beginning of the edge. Stands your board up so you can see its base. File the contact points until they are as smooth as the edges.

Step three is to repair any P-Tex. You can do this by taking a razor to each scratch. It is then necessary to light the candle and hold it close to the scratch. The wax from the melting candle will fill in the gaps.

Step four is to clean the base of your snowboard. You can use a spray on the cleaner to accomplish this on an extruded base. When you are done, wipe it dry with a paper towel. If your base is sintered, all-purpose wax is your go-to cleaning tool.

Step five is to give your snowboard one more wax job. After you have applied the wax to your board, give it time to dry. When it is cool and dry you can then scrape the remaining wax off of the snowboard.

Step six is to polish and brush your snowboard clean. A Brillo pad is all you need to use. Once you are done with it you can put the bindings back on.

Step seven is to prepare your snowboard to be stored for summer. After you have washed and dried your snowboard, take a gummy stone to it to smooth out any imperfections that it has.