The luggage limit on airplanes is getting tighter, and some small airlines have minimal baggage allowed. Extra weight and bags are costing more each year. With prices soaring, people who are accustomed to taking large things like snowboard equipment will need to make some adjustments when traveling.
Use the Board Bag as Checked LuggageA good snowboard should be the only case for the snowboard along with things that can be tucked inside. Everything that can be wrinkled should be rolled into small pieces around the board. Large clothes should be wrapped around the tip of the board. This will protect the board when it is handled in the luggage compartments.

Take Only The Most Necessary Things For a Snowboard Trip

If this is a snowboard vacation, the fancy outfits can be left at home. Two pairs of pants, a couple of dress shirts, and a few sweaters should do the job. One of the outfits can be worn during the trip which will save space in the luggage.

Use the Snowboard Boot Bag for Extra Baggage

Most of the airlines allow carry-on bags to be carried as personal luggage on the plane. To use this perk, one can place small things like socks, gloves, and their boots inside.

Be Practical About Accessories

Large accessories, like the snowboard jacket, can be worn on the plane. It takes a lot of space, and it can keep you warm on the plane. A snowboard helmet can be tied to the boot bag and carried on the plane. If there is a problem with carrying too much personal luggage, one can simply put the helmet on as a part of their attire.

Useful Snowboard Packing Tips

1. Checklists are always important when packing up. Checking things off will make sure that nothing is forgotten.

2. Consider the type of place that you are going to. If the place is visited by high-society, pack more casual clothing. For more low-key places, the types of clothes can be more concentrated around your own comfort.

3. Roll all the clothes that you can allow to be wrinkled. Tightening them into rolls saves tons of space in the luggage.

4. Because the guidelines for luggage are so tight, you may want to be ruthless when cutting out the unnecessary luggage. Take with you only the most essential items.

5. Pack snowboard tools like irons in the checked baggage. Anything that is metal or sharp can be considered dangerous and not allowed with you on the plane.