As a snowboarder, one of your most vital pieces of equipment is your goggles. Goggles help to protect your eyes from any precipitation and any freezing air. When wearing your goggles you will be able to keep your focus on what’s in front of you as you cascade down the mountain and easily keep an eye out for any obstacles from skier to snowboarders.

Although goggles are a great asset, they can be annoying at times. When your body heat ups after snowboarding up and down the mountain, you can get foggy goggles, which is when your lens clouds with condensation. Foggy lenses are bad news when you have to keep an eye out for obstacles. To avoid fogging lenses, here are a few things that you can do.

Let Off Some Steam

Before you hit the slopes, you usually wrap yourself up from head to toe. While this keeps you warm, heat and perspiration tends to build up and escape from your face. If you are wearing any type of helmet, neck gaiter, and waterproof jacket, any of the hot air that is generated by your head or torso will go to any exposed skin. If you happen to be wearing goggles, that perspiration will get trapped between your face and you goggles.

Nowadays, most goggle lenses will use hydrophilic technology. This coating helps to absorb and get rid of any moisture on the interior of the lens. The technology however, still has its limits, if you are producing a lot of body heat at once, your goggles are bound to fog up.

If you find that your goggles are still fogged as you head down the slope, you will need to take stp further in order to cool down. Start by shedding one layer or unzipping your jacker. You will be surprised at how much moisture and hot air will escape. Not only that, but you will cool yourself down resulting in less perspiration.

Take Proper Care of Your Goggle Lenses

One significant step you can take to prevent foggy glasses is by taking proper care of your lenses. When your goggles end up fogging, don’t use a paper towel or napkins to wipe away the moisture. Napkins, paper towers, and any other paper products that are made from wood have small particles of wood that can cause damage to your lenses. The most ideal way to clean your lenses is by blotting or dabbing your goggles with a microfiber cloth.When your glasses are dried you can wipe away any smudges. When you first buy your goggles, the manufacturer will most likely include a microfiber cloth with its packaging.

Let Your Goggles Dry Out

There’s no doubt your goggles will get wet when you are on the mountain and they won’t perform to the best of their capabilities. Just as you dry out your ski jacket every night, the same needs to be done to your goggles. If you leave your damp goggles in your car overnight or buried in your equipment bag, the moisture will never evaporate from the foam barrier.