If you are ready to take your snowboarding to the next level with some tricks, spinning is a great place to start. If you want to learn the basics of spinning on a snowboard, try these four moves.

Basic Spin

You should start out by practicing a basic spin on a small jump when you are just starting. Make sure that you are comfortable getting enough air, and pay attention to your body mechanics. With safety in mind, start at a park that is designed for beginning snowboarders. Focus on learning which body movements get you spinning in the right direction. Once you have mastered this, you can move on to the 360 spin on a snowboard.

360 Spin

Once you learn the basics of spinning on a snowboard with some easy moves, you can move up to trying a 360 spin. Your approach to the ramp is key when attempting a 360 spin. You want to use the “S” pattern. Carve through the snow to get your feet even, and use the edge of the board to start the spin. You don’t want to try to spin flat because you won’t have enough grip in the snow to get off the ground. If you are spinning to the front, push off from your heel or toe. It is easier to push off from the heel, so this is ideal if you are just learning.

540 Spin

Once you get the hang of the 360 spin, adjust the tension to move on to the 540 spin. By the time you try this move, you will have a feel for tension through the board. Use the same basic movements as the 360 spin, but focus on gaining tension to complete the 540 spin.

720 Spin

Now that you’ve moved up to the 540 spin, you’re ready to test your skills with a 720 spin. Use the same body movements and set up, but increase the tension between the board and snow. The 720 spin can be quite intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, so make sure that you are comfortable with landing properly. You don’t want to lose control, go tumbling down the slope, or injury an ankle. Remember to take it slow and gradually work up to completing a 720 spin safely and effortlessly.