If you are looking for a new snowboard, chances are you have done a lot of research and have made a couple of trips to the sporting goods store. You’ve put some much work into finding the perfect board, but have you thought much about what you are going to be wearing?

Your venture for a warm and safe jacket is just as important to what’s underneath your feet. It is necessary to the right jacket for the right conditions. You will want to be comfortable as possible and protected from any of the harsh elements.

Types of Jackets

When you first look up your jacket, there are thousands of options. It’s crucial to under the key features and the main differences between each type of jacket that is available. There are plenty of variations of jackets but the majority of jackets will include shells, insulated jackers, technical shells, softshells, and 3-in-1 jackets.


A shell that is uninsulated, also known as a hardshell, is often sported by the majority of shredders on the mountain. Shells are so popular because of their versatility. On top of being waterproof, these jackets are pretty lightweight and have a lot of breathability. This prevents you from overheating on especially intense snowboarding sessions. If you pick out the right size, you should have enough room to add additional layers in case there is an extra cold day in the forecast. If you are going to only have one jacket for all types of riding, a shell jacket is one of the best options you can select.

There will be a variety of different degrees when it comes to waterproofing, this will reflective in the price. If you are snowboarding in more extreme weather, the degree of waterproofing will be crucial. Be sure to check the jackets’ waterproof rating, it will range from 5,000g/m2 to 20,000g/m2 or higher. Keep in mind that the ratings are there to give you an idea of weatherproofness and aren’t 100% accurate.

A factor that will play into a jacket’s level of waterproofness is seam taping. When seams aren’t covered with tape, moisture can easily leak through. Most jackets will only have seams taped in critical areas, fully taped jackets will be more expensive, but more waterproof.

A shell jacket is only one types of the snowboarding jackets available. To keep learning about the different types of, be sure to check in next week.