Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular winter sports. They’re great cardiovascular exercise, particularly cross-country skiing. They’re also incredibly exhilarating. One struggle when it comes to these sports is their air of exclusivity. Adults with no experience feel intimidated, and worse, too old to give these sports a try. They worry that after a certain age, it’s not a good idea to get out on the mountain in the fresh white powder.

Lucky for them, there’s no truth to that idea. No one’s ever too old to head out to the mountains and you should not let anyone tell you otherwise. Medical experts love skiing and snowboarding as much as athletes do. In general medical professionals will encourage you to partake in anything that gets you up and active. They see no reason for reasonably healthy people to avoid these sports. As long as someone is in good shape and has their doctor’s permission to do cardio, there’s no reason they should stay off the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding are an excellent way to get the heart rate up, take in some great scenery and fall in love with the crisp winter air.

Adults who’ve never learned to ski or snowboard should know that there’s never been a better time to play in the snow. Technology has helped make these sports more accessible than ever before. New fabrics are lighter in weight and dry more quickly if they get wet. Newer equipment is made of lightweight materials. Advances in exercise science have also led to new techniques for skiing in particular. These are easier on the joints. You will find that many ski instructors are now certified specifically to train clients over the age of 50.

Seniors in particular might find that now is a great time to learn to ski. There are plenty of discounts to help people in their golden years get out on the mountain and learn something new. Semi-retired and retired adults can also take advantage of downtimes on the mountains. Instead of the busy weekends, they can have the slopes to themselves in the middle of the week.

It’s a good idea to get cleared by a doctor before starting to ski or snowboard. That’s regardless of age. Older adults who are getting ready to ski for the first time can also find tips and advice online. There are sites specifically dedicated to the senior skiing experience.