There is nothing more important to an avid snowboarder than their board. It essentially becomes an extension of your body when you are on the snow. This is why your snowboard needs to be treated with pristine care when you are on and off the mountain. You will only be able to perform at a high level at your favorite trails when using a properly maintained board. These are the four most important maintenance tips for keeping up with your snowboard.

Wax the Board

Wax is absolutely crucial when snowboarding. Wax allows the board to glide on top of the snow. It is typically recommended to wax your snowboard every three or four trips. The exact amount of wax to use will be determined by the base of your board and the current snow conditions. If you do not feel comfortable waxing your own board, then you can always pay a professional.

Check for Damage

You are bound to get nicks, gouges and scratches in your snowboard. It is important to find the damage as early as possible before it can develop into a bigger problem. Most experts agree that gouges that are less than .5mm deep can be left alone. Once they get bigger than that, it is time for repairs. Your favorite shop will have no problem getting your board back in top shape.

Sharpen the Edges

A snowboard needs sharp edges in order to make turns on the snow. The edges will naturally start to dull over time as you spend time riding. All you need to get the snowboard back to its optimum condition is an edge sharpener. Use this tool until the edges of your board feel sharp to the touch. Make sure to pick the edge angle the best fits your riding style.

Keep it Safe in Offseason

There will come a time when the weather is no longer conducive for snowboarding. Once it starts to get too hot outside, it is time to safely store your board for the offseason. Put the board in a vinyl wrap to keep dust and other debris from collecting on it for months. You also need to make sure to stand the board up when storing it to keep it from losing its shape.