There are several things that one must consider when snowboarding. From your technique to your stance and your speed, to the approaching obstacles on the course, your mind has to be able to process all of the above and more for a successful run. The better you are at being able to process all of the significant aspects of snowboarding, the better snowboarder you will become and the more tricks you will be able to do. So here are a few fun tricks to try when snowboarding!


The first tip is to do a scope run before trying any obstacle on the course. A scope run is a ride through the park or course without hitting anything. Scoping the run can be extremely useful for your first run on a course. It allows you to visualize how a run will go before your first attempt. Before attempting any kind of run, or approaching a rail or different obstacle, scope runs will make it easier for you to navigate throughout the actual run.


The next tip is to approach the rail with a speed that allows you to concentrate on the rail and allows you to stay in control once you reach the rail. To be able to pull off any trick such as a Backside Boardslide or a Nosepress on a rail, the initial speed at which you approach the rail is crucial. If you start off going too fast, you’re going to be out of control by the time you have to make a move at the rail. If you go too slow, you won’t have enough momentum. Tip #2 is that find a starting speed that is comfortable for you.


Thirdly, master your balance. You’ll never be able to pull off any trick on any rail smoothly if you can’t balance in the act of the trick. As it seems obvious, it’s very and significantly fundamental. The only way to successfully finish a trick is to land it and you can’t land it without balance.


Lastly, your confidence is the most important tip I can give you. If you’re not confident, you will not be able to complete any rail trick. Build up your confidence!