Snowboarding is a young sport. The first prototype snowboards were created in the mid-1960s by a Michigander named Sherman Poppen. Known as Snurfers, they featured a rope for steering. Since then, the sport has come a long way, going from a backyard pastime to an Olympic event. However, at just over 50 years old, there’s still plenty of room for innovation in the world of snowboarding. These five snowboards released in 2020 are a great example of that.

The Burton Deep Thinker has an excellent pedigree. Pro snowboarder Danny Davis rides this board, and it features artwork by the legendary Keith Haring. This board is firm and responsive; it’s built for speed. There’s carbon, not just fiberglass, in this board. It’s narrow, with large and obvious sidecuts. This board is appropriate for both powder and hard-packed snow. This board is directional, it can be ridden switch, but that’s not recommended for long.

A great all-mountain snowboard is the Jones Explorer. This board features subtle sidecuts, and the tip curves up with a rocker. This is a board that turns very well. It also features a serrated edge. This technology is important for all-mountain snowboarders and has taken off in recent years.

Another great all-mountain snowboard is the Salomon SickStick. Like the Explorer, it’s excellent in a variety of terrains. This board features TaperTwin design. It’s got a minimalist design, with an exposed blonde wood bottom. The wordmark “SlickStick” sits on top against a black background.

The Endeavor Archetype is an excellent example of a more unique silhouette that’s built to excel in powder. Endeavor is a newer brand, founded in 2001. This is a boutique-sized company with an excellent reputation for high quality. This board is directional and features a swallowtail. An unusual feature for most boards, this is a board that’s appropriate for expert riders. It features a very stiff level of flex. The Archetype is great at high speeds and big turns.

Finally, the GNU Head Space is a professional-caliber snowboard. This board is designed with the most efficient biomechanics for riders in mind. For that reason, it’s slightly asymmetrical. It features soft flex. This attention to detail is part of what makes this board exceptional.