Be Prepared
Snowboarding can be a dangerous sport at times, especially when a boarder is new to the sport. However, proper preparation and knowledge is key to remaining safe in the sport. Yes, accidents will happen at times, but being armed with the knowledge on what to do during certain situations will help keep a snowboarder from being seriously injured while enjoying the activity that they love.

Preventative Gear

Many experienced riders like to wear as little gear as they can get away with but proper protection is vital for snowboarders of all expertise levels, especially beginners. Helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads have all been designed to soften the blows of an impact while allowing a snowboarder to remain as flexible as possible. While gear may initially be slightly restrictive, once it is broken in and a boarder is used to it, the gear can be very useful, even lifesaving.


Falling can happen in every direction when snowboarding. Often times the fall will be so quick that a boarder may not even know what their body is doing during the the impact. Falling properly takes practice but the practice will become second-nature over time, allowing for the safest reaction to happen during a sudden fall.

The most important thing that a snowboarder should be cautious of when falling is placing their arms out to soften the impact of the fall. Using arms to prevent a fall can lead to broken bones and sprained ligaments. When falling forward a snowboarder should aim to land on their chest, legs, or knees; these three areas are among some of the strongest parts of the human body and will not be damaged as easily as structures in the arms. When a snowboarder is falling backwards they should try their best to keep their head out of the impact and land on their butt. Though the impacts may hurt at times, these are the safest places to fall on.

Keep in mind, everyone falls!

Whether a beginner or a pro, snowboarders fall all the time, it is a part of the sport. Falling, as a matter of fact, is a sign that a snowboarder is gradually improving by stepping away from their comfort zone. By understanding and practicing the information here, a snowboarder will be able to enjoy their time on the slopes without having to worry as much about injuries.