Beginner snowboarders often find themselves renting equipment for their first experience. While renting seems like a good idea for your first time, it ends up being more trouble than what it is worth. From ill-fitted boots to an outdated board, rental equipment can affect your entire snowboarding experience. The following are reasons why you need to pull the trigger and invest in your own equipment this season.


Renting can be costly


Putting up a cost for a full set up can initially seem more expensive. However, after renting equipment a few times each season, the money you are spending starts to add up. Depending on how frequent you go, you can end up spending well beyond what a full set would be.


You’ll never receive the same equipment

When you rent, chances are it will not be the same equipment you had last time. The downside to this is you don’t know the history behind your board and gear has been through. While on some days you might get a decent setup, there will be days where you will receive a 25-year-old board, taped up boots, and mismatched bindings. By purchasing your own equipment, you will not have to get reacquainted every time and progress your skills faster.  


Rental equipment is often dated


Depending on what resort you go to, some resorts can’t afford the updated equipment. If you receive a rental board that looks straight from the 80’s, your assumption is most likely right. Resorts wait years to update their rental equipment. If you happen to visit the year before they update their inventory, chances are you will be using overused gear.


Your progress can be affected


Every time you rent, you have to learn a new board. With new gear, you will experience a different feel. By developing your skills on the same board, it will feel like the same ride every time. Instead of time and adjusting to a new board, you can start improving and pick up where you left off instead with your own board.


Personal gear helps you show off your personal style


Perhaps this a more superficial reason, but your gear should say something about you. By purchasing your own equipment you can express yourself and set yourself apart from other boarders.

This season, take my advice and treat yourself and invest in the perfect gear for you.