In part 1 and part 2 of this series we have looked at insulated and shell jackets. In this blog we will will be wrapping up this three part series with three more jackets—technical shells, softshells, and 3-in-1 jackets.

Technical Shells

If you find yourself boot packing or skinning peas, a technical shell may be the jacket you have been looking for. A technical shell is lightweight and breathable and will keep you comfortable in most conditions. Due to its fully taped seams and high-end fabrics, technical shells are  very waterproof but often more expensive. But for the backcountry boarder, it is a jacket that will have check off all the boxes.

One thing to keep in mind is that these jackets are pretty minimal. you won’t find a lot of features compared to other jackets, but where you loose features you save weight and the jackets become more packable. Since they are packable, many boarders will carry them up to the peak and only wear them for the descent.


Softshell jackets are soft, stretchy, and have waterproof properties. Compared to hardshell jackets, they are less wind and water-resistant. These jackets will look like and feel like hoodies, but they won’t get soaking wet if snow touches them. On the outside of the surface, there is is DWR coating that prevents moisture getting into the fabrics.

A big plus of softshell is the breathability it offers. Air is able to move freely throughly the jacket so any body heat or sweat that has occurred can transfer away from the body with ease.

If you are going on a backcountry tour, you will want to pack a long one of these. If you throw a softshell on the morning you will be able to stay warm without getting overheated.

Compared to the other jackets mentioned, softshells are pretty inexpensive and perfect for days that are on the warmer side. They are the most ideal for the spring season or in a milder climate

3-in-1 Jackets

One of the most versatile jackets is the 3-in-1 jacket. These jackets feature an outer shell jacket, a technical fleece, or a  insulated jacket that can be zipped into the the shell. With a 3-in-1 jacket you have several options to how you can wear it. If it’s not too cold you can just wear the shell, or if the temperatures start to fall, you can wear both, or of it’s really warm and dry you can get away with wearing just the inner layer. This jacket is the best option for someone who wants a jacket who can handle it all.

Now that you are more informed, hopefully you can find a snowboarding jacket that works best for you.