Few activities are able to provide the adrenaline rush and excitement of hitting the slopes on a snowboard or skis. The only problem is that there is always a risk of getting hurt. People are often under the assumption that snowboarding is more dangerous than skiing. When in reality, the opposite is true. Anyone looking to limit their risk of injury will want to strap on the snowboard the next time visit the mountain. The following are the four biggest reasons why skiing is more dangerous than snowboarding.

Faster Speeds When Skiing 

The size and functionality of the equipment make it a lot easier to hit high speeds when skiing. The fastest recorded speed on a pair of skis is 156 miles per hour. The world record on the snowboard is only 126 miles per hour. Faster speeds will naturally equate to more serious injuries when a crash occurs. This simple concept proves that safety-conscious people are better off on a snowboard.

Snowboard Slows Body After Crash 

In addition to the protection of slower speeds, a snowboard will also help keep everyone safe after falling down. The board will dig into the snow and act as a brake when someone is sliding down the mountain after a fall. This will help the body come to a complete stop before a dangerous collision occurs. This level of protection is not available when skiing, so simple falls often lead to serious injuries.

Hands Are Free When Snowboarding 

Since snowboarders do not have to hold on to poles when going down the slopes, their hands are constantly free. This allows snowboarders to brace for the impact when things start to go wrong. This simple action can be the difference between a minor fall and a serious accident. The hands and arms absorb most of the impact, which stops the head from making hard contact with the ground.

Skiing is Easier to Learn 

The body movements used skiing are more natural than the ones used while snowboarding. This makes it a lot easier to learn how to ski. It may seem counterintuitive, but this makes skiing more dangerous than snowboarding. The quick learning curve of skiing often makes people take on more than they can handle, which leads to a lot of accidents and injuries. Locking feet to the snowboard is an awkward experience for most people, so they are naturally more cautious on the slopes.