for sale sign

Although real estate in the digital age has become a different beast for many, Twitter ads, Trulia and other means of attracting new clientele cannot compete with one classic marketing tool: a good sign. A good, visually appealing yard sign is one of the most visible tools and does not have you click an ad or search photos on the real estate agent’s landing page.

While I know this may be a bit hard to believe since the real estate market has expanded rapidly on database sites and social media platforms, yard signs can actually initiate a useful “word of mouth” situation which can oftentimes lead to quick home selling processes.

A nice sign does not cost that much more in terms of improving real estate branding, but bear in mind that sign space is limited. Making the best possible sign is absolutely essential when it comes to attracting homebuyers’ eyes who are viewing the home or apartment in passing.


Deciding if you want your sign to have a call to action to go to someone’s website or call a specific number is the first step in this process. Limit the amount of information on the sign so that people driving by can remember what is on your sign.


Using legible, large font is the best way to grab a potential home buyers attention. A good test is to print the sign to scale and see if you can read it clearly from 20 feet away. Using contrasting colors to highlight a phone number, website, or real estate firm is also another useful tip when crafting these yard signs.

Some key takeaways include implementing a clear, visually appealing design while also having legible font and solid colors. Be sure to also check on sign requirements in the state you practice before you place them on properties.