Big-Air Snowboarding is fun to watch. These sportspeople use tricks to perform awesome stunts. Snowboarding novice might wonder what exactly is Big-Air Snowboarding. Big-Air Snowboarding is a snow-sports event where boarders run off of a 110-foot ramp and turn all kinds of flips and spins. Those who are really experienced can make these maneuvers appear very easy, but it takes lots of practice and concentration to correctly perform.

The sportsman or woman will need to first get up to a certain speed. The speed must be accelerated fast enough to successfully board down at least a 240-foot slope of mountain snow. If a boarder cannot reach the required speed, then the air flip tricks could not be completed.

Snowboarders would need to also start working into the spin of planned stunts. This step must have perfect coordination of the physical body’s trunk twist and abdominal crunch motions. Once the body goes through the air, the boarder would need to grasp his or her board which also takes skill to be enabled to smoothly tuck the body making it, as small as possible, for swift rotation.

While continuing to make the stunt flip successful, the boarder would also need to build speed. Speed is a critical factor. Whenever a boarder pulls in both arms to the chest area, this is an indication that speed is being increased. Speed ensures that all planned flips are finished before the boarder touches back down onto the snow floor. If there is not enough speed the full completion of the stunt will be a failure.

When an experienced boarder lands back onto the snow floor, each will adjust his or her body to slow the rotation. Snowboarders will then touch down at a forceful speed of at least 50 miles per hour carrying more than 400 pounds of force on each leg. In conducting a safe landing, the sportsman or woman will hold their board at a 14-degree angle to decelerate. The knees are bent, which extends collision time and distributes landing force. This great performance is quickly completed in just a few seconds at over 100 feet of snow. As always, stunt snowboarding routines are simply amazing to watch!