Originating in the 1960s, snowboarding has elevated to a level that has placed it in the Olympic games. It combines movements from surfing, skateboarding as well as skiing and has grown in popularity year after year. To become a great snowboarder, you have show devote yourself to the sport and show true dedication. Over the past few years, there have been some athletes who really exemplify what it means to be a great snowboarder. The following are few individuals who many consider being the best in the league:
Shaun White Shaun began his life as a snowboarder when he was just six. By the age of seven, he had already received a sponsorship. Since then, he has gone on to win two gold medals at the Olympics and multiple medals at the X Games. In addition, he has also added a large number of ESPY awards to his stack of achievements. Shaun also has multiple sponsors such as BFGoodrich, Target, GoPro, and Nike, which makes him the world’s highest-paid person in snowboarding

Travis Rice 

Taught by his father, Travis grew up as a skier. However, as he became older, he soon became interested in snowboarding and entered Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark event, which placed him on the map as a professional. So far in his professional snowboarding career, he has won four medals and has been in over 20 films based on snowboarding.

Gretchen Bleiler 

Gretchen started her snowboarding career at the age of 11. She always had visions of competing at the X Games. Hard work and determination led her to receive not just one but four gold medals from the X Games. She has also designed her own line of outerwear and snowboarding clothes.

Danny Kass 

At the early age of 12 years old, Danny picked up his first snowboard. By practicing on his craft, could lead to multiple awards. He won seven medals at the X Games, two silver medals at the Olympics and four the United States Open championships. In 2001, he began the Grenade Gloves Company with his brother, which specializes in snowboarding gear. He also has multiple sponsorships from major players such as Oakley, Monster, Union Bindings, Nike and GNU.

Terje Haakonsen 

A Norwegian, Terje was one of the most influential snowboarders during the scene in the 1990s, which helped shape many aspects of the sport. He still continues to participate and has won five medals at the European Championships, three at the ISF world championships, and three United States Open Halfpipe Finals, just to name a few.