Snowboarding season is in full swing, so here are some of the best workouts to stay shredding on the mountain.

Jump Squats

Jump squats are a great full-body workout that targets both the quadriceps and calf muscles. No matter your skill level, these are great exercises for every boarder.

Start in a squat position with legs shoulder-width apart and your hands down by your ankles. Explode up through your feet as your hands rise up with you, reaching for the ceiling—land back in a squat position and repeat for four sets of 20 reps.


As important as your quads are, your hamstrings and glutes need the same amount of attention. You don’t want to be pulling a hammy when you’re carving down steep runs.

When doing a deadlift, start with a lighter weight and work your way up. Mixing in sets between jump squats is an excellent way to keep your body balanced. Start with four sets of 20 reps, but reduce the reps as you add more weight.

Split Lunges

Whether you ride goofy or regular, chances are one leg will be stronger than the other. Split lunges are a great way to bring balance to your snowboarding experience.

Choose one leg to start without front, ensuring that your bent front knee does not extend past your toes. Squat and rise at a steady pace for 20 reps, then switch legs. For a harder workout, add a jump at the top. For an even more challenging workout, add weights.


An important part of your lower-body strength is balance. Skaters are a great way to build up your balance while strengthening your legs.

Start on one leg and push off horizontally until you land on your opposite leg, the starting leg swinging behind the planted leg. Your right elbow should touch your left leg and vice versa. Jump back sideways onto the other leg, making sure you bend deep into each one-legged squat. Make sure your back foot doesn’t touch the ground. Start with four sets of 20 reps.

With a circuit of these simple at-home workouts, you’ll be ready to snowboard down the mountain all day long.