In February 2022, the world had the opportunity to watch the elite Beijing Winter Olympics. This year’s winter Olympics brought a mix of excitement and opportunity for both new and experienced Olympians. One sport that had quite a bit of success in the games was snowboarding. The winter sport has been a staple in the winter Olympics for many years and has become one of the most popular sports to watch. 

Snowboarding events in the winter Olympics have five different types of competitions, which include parallel giant slalom, snowboard cross, halfpipe, slopestyle, and big air. Altogether, this year’s Olympics featured 11 snowboarding events and included male competition, female competition, and mixed team snowboard cross. Each competition comes with its own rules and requirements, making them challenging events for its competitors. 

Olympic Slopestyle Course
As part of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the country focused on building elite snowboarding courses for its participants, making it a more unique opportunity than in previous years. One of the man-made courses built is the Olympic slopestyle course, which is considered to be one of the more popular events for the sport. The man-made course not only came with a variety of challenging slopes and jumps, but it also included recreations of the Great Wall of China. While many found the course challenging, they also appreciated how the course design was different from previous Olympic events. 

The course had three different sections, giving snowboarders the opportunity to show off their skills. The first three sections of the course include a jib section, which acts as a place where snowboarders can showcase their best tricks. These areas are crucial for snowboarders, as the tricks that are completed are heavily weighed in final scores. Following the first three sections, the course is followed by a jump section before moving on to the matrix jump. Finally, the course ends with one more jump section. These sections are important for snowboarders to master, as it is the best opportunity to showcase their creative skills and tricks for the judges. 

The courses at the Beijing Winter Olympics were both unique and challenging, making for exciting competitions.