As a snowboarder, your most important possession is your board. With so many choices it can be hard to narrow down what board will work the best for you. Knowing what you want to accomplish in snowboarding is key to picking out a board. Snowboards come in a variety of makes and model but looking at broader categories can help give you an idea of what to search for. Below you will find a variety of snowboards and hopefully a board that is perfect for you.

Freestyle Snowboard

Freestyle boards are made for boarders to do tricks and jumps. Typically these boards are shorter, lighter, and have more flexibility so you can easily grind rails, hit jibs, do spins, and other tricks. If you prefer to have a large and extreme jumps, you may want to look into a stiffer flex. If you are looking for more of a trick board, you will want to find a “softer” board that offers more flexibility.

All-Mountain Snowboard

All-Mountain Snowboards are the most popular choice amongst snowboarders. Out of other styles of boards, these are one the best for beginners. This board is designed to be versatile and allow you to learn what terrain suits your style. With this board, you are able to hit the pipe in the morning, and by the afternoon you can head to the backcountry.

Freeride Snowboard

If you are looking for speed, freeride snowboards are made for you. Freeride snowboards are primarily used for riding steeps, backcountry terrain, and slashing the powder. The board is more stiff compared to other boards, but it perfect for gaining speed down the mountainside. Due to the stiffness of the board, they are “directional” meaning that they are intended for downhill use not for making tricks.

Powder Snowboard

While this board is not necessary for a beginner to handy, it can come in handy for experienced riders. This board is not something someone would use on a daily basis, but is great for days when riders want to stay on top of powdered snow. One of the most unique features of a powder snowboard is that the nose is wider and longer than the tail.