The holiday season is here and it’s time to make the most of the countless unique opportunities it provides for marketing your business. Below are are 5 things you can do right away to grow your business before the new year.
1) Give a Discount
A contest or coupon is a great way to engage with potential customers to retain repeat business or start your marketing off. A special offer in the form of a prize can help to personalize your brand and attract your first business. You can take advantage of this time to make your recurring customers feel appreciated by giving them a special deal in the form of a thank you dinner or free shipping on an item. Being creative with social media on Facebook and Twitter, and knowing your customers will help you in this endeavor.
2) Partner with Businesses or a Local Charity
To attract local customers that go to other businesses you can participate in a special offer where customers at each location get a discount. Network with other businesses by talking with your connections on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn or heading out “old school” to the neighborhood. You’re probably already considering doing charity work, so why not host an event at your business and donate some of your proceeds to a good cause.
3) Market your Business at Holiday Shows and Bazaars
Have your merchandise seen by more people by putting up a table at your own open house or a local bazaar. Utilize these opportunities to display items unique to the holidays, as well as the general store merchandise. Offering refreshments or gifts may lure customers back to your booth where you can pitch them into purchasing more products.
4) Make an App for your Business to Market to the Smartphone Generation
Making your product accessible on the internet is a no-brainer, but the convenience of having it readily available on the front of your clients’ smartphones will give you much more visibility and recognition. Giving discounts or points to customers with the app that refer other customers will help to grow your business.
5) Create a Blog
Having a blog will help to display your new items and keep customers updated on discounts. The expectations of your members that you’ll regularly display new items will keep you motivated to invest energy on a day-to-day basis. This is a good place to build a fan club.