In recent years, snowboard competitions have grown more and more popular. For anyone who wants to turn snowboarding into a career, you will find yourself entering the contest circuit even more frequently. Even if you aren’t looking for a career in this snow sport and are just looking for some friendly competition, there is a number of snowboarding competitions that are available for you to show off your skills.

Snowboards competitions come in all shapes and sizes. The following are seven of the most popular.

Rail Jams 

One of the main elements in a rail jams contests is a ramp, a fixed rail, and a landing area. The idea of this competition is to go from the top of the ramp and while hitting a great speed, pull out your best flips and tricks off of the fixed rail.


The Winter Olympics and X Games are known for having the biggest pipe competitions. In this competition, you go up against others to see who has the best competition when it comes to style, amplitude, and technical tricks. The main key to competing well in a Halfpipe competition is to make use of the entire halfpipe.


A Slopestyle competition is one the most highly anticipated and participated events in snowboarding. The competition mixes rails, kickers, and even a small pipe. Overall the Slopestyle contest is a test of a riders freestyle ability.

Freeride (Backcountry)

Freeride, also known as backcountry, competitions take place high up in the mountains, where competitors take a ride down on steep lines and large cliffs. Competitors will get to choose which line they want to go down, and each line will vary in difficulty. Judges will look at basics skills, the riding, and creativity in line choice.


This competition goes back all the way to the 1990s. At one time six rider will race down a slope that contains both jumps an obstacles. Crashes in this snowboard competition are usually guaranteed which makes it a highly spectated event.

Whether you are a competitor or a spectator all of these competitions add an extra element of excitement to the sport.