When most people think about the summer, they often think about outdoor activities that involve wakeboards, mountain bikes, and hiking boots. But those people who can’t get enough of snowboarding, the winter isn’t enough time to enjoy the sport. Luckily, there are plenty of places where it’s possible to enjoy the winter sport all year round. Here’s a list of places to enjoy snowboarding in the summer.


Timberline Lodge & Ski Area


When people talk about year-round snowboarding, Mt. Hood is commonly mentioned. Mt. Hood is home to several summertime ski areas that include Timberline Ski Area and High Cascade. Visitors to this area are able to enjoy snowboarding from June first to Labor Day.


Blackcomb Glacier


Located in British Columbia, Blackcomb Glacier has something for everyone. Snowboarders can take advantage of the glacier skiing. Anyone who wants to enjoy summer activities can also enjoy. Blackcomb has several summer glacial camps for visitors to enjoy. The camps take places during the months of June and July.


Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre


Although the snow may not be real, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre at Liberty University in Virginia is a great place for those who want to shred. At Liberty Mountain, visitors can enjoy 500 feet of lift-accessed vertical throughout the year. These slopes are ideal for people of all skill levels.


Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand


Mt. Ruapehu has two ski areas, Turoa and Whakappa. Ruapehu is New Zealand’s largest ski resort. However, in comparison to most of the ski resorts, they are smaller in size. The two resorts combined are only 2,600 acres. Now, technically the ski resort is open during the Winter. However, anyone in the northern hemisphere will enjoy spending their summer skiing in New Zealand.


Valle Nevado


Anyone who has hit the slopes on the French Alps will enjoy Valle Nevado. This resort was built in Chile by the French in the 1980’s. It has more than 2,000 acres of terrain and more than a 12,041-foot vertical. The resort offers courses for all skill levels. Snowboarders who want to see the beautiful Andes Mountains will enjoy visiting Valle Nevado.


For some people, summer means hiking or spending time at the beach. While other people may long for a ski slope. Why limit snowboarding to winter when the sport can be enjoyed year-round? There are plenty of places for snowboarders to enjoy themselves during the summer in the U.S. and abroad.