Whether you are an avid snowboarder or just love to watch the sport, you may be wondering how these athletes perform their tricks, many of which seem to defy physics. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another pro comes along with something even more spectacular. How many of the top five most difficult snowboarding tricks have you seen?

Backside 1260 Off the Heels

First brought to the world by Sage Kotsenburg, the Backside 1260 Off the Heels. The feat involves turning backward on the slope, kicking off with your heels, and getting enough power and height to rotate 3.5 times. Being able to perform at this level is why Sage is an Olympic medalist. Simply incredible!

Half-Cab Quadruple Backflip

If jumps and spins get your heart pounding, check out another most difficult trick in snowboarding – the Half-Cab Quadruple Backflip of Maxence Parrot. This trick requires the right terrain to perform safely and properly. Max used a plateau on the run to launch himself into the air, do four backflips, and then land on the downside of the plateau. Rumors say that Max performed this trick to throw down the gauntlet after Billy Morgan performed his Quad Cork 1800.

Backside Triple Cork 1620 to Switch Backside Triple Cork 1620

If long names are used to measure snowboarding the difficulty of snowboarding tricks, Yuki Kadono may have this one in the bag. His Backside Triple Cork 1620 to Switch Backside Tripe Cork 1620 is one of the most difficult snowboarding tricks to perform because it combines two tricks into one.

Container Gap Backside Rodeo

It takes courage and guts to attempt a difficult snowboarding trick, and Sparrow Know may just have more courage than many. His Container Gap Backside Rodeo involved two large containers about six meters long, plus a four-meter rail. Anyone attempting this trick wants to make sure that they know what they are doing.

Gas Pipe Gap

If gaps, rails, and drops are your kind of snowboarding, make sure to watch Dan Brisse. He snowboards where most people wouldn’t even walk and tops off his adventures with dazzling tricks. His Gas Pipe Gap was done atop a metal structure where he rode a very slim pipe hundreds of feet above the ground. One slip, and there’s no soft snow to break his fall. It’s all meall-metal from here.