One of the most important things that all casual and avid participants of sports must do is stretch. There is no doubt that snowboarding is a sport that is taxing on the body. One must be flexible. In this piece, we are going over 5 very reliable stretches for avid snowboarders.


In snowboarding, one will have to rely heavily on the use of the quad muscle. Therefore, a useful stretch that one can employ is a standing quads stretch. This stretch can be accomplished if it is done using simple steps. One has to stand on the ground while leaning against either a wall or a tree. After bending one’s knee, one’s heel has to go behind them. Then grab your right ankle by reaching behind you.


One has to pull their right legs towards his or her glutes as much as possible.


Another great stretch for snowboarders is a stretch known as the seated hamstring stretch. This stretch is great for increased flexibility in the lower back. One must find a location to sit on the ground in which one can straighten out their legs properly. After that, one has to reach ahead with both arms. Without bending your knees, one has to reach forth as far as they possibly can without bending their knees at all.


In addition to the hamstrings and quads, one must be sure that their hip flexors are stretched out too. This can be done via the standing lunge. With your legs parallel to each other, step back with your right leg as far as you can. One must be sure to achieve balance by holding onto the opposite knee. Stretch as far as you can.


The upper body must also be stretched. A stretch that can help you do just that is a standing shoulder stretch. In order to do this, one must place one’s hand behind their head. Then he or she must use their opposite hand to grab the right elbow and pull upwards.


Finally, a standing calf stretch is helpful too. This stretch is performed by leaning against a wall with one’s right leg behind him or her. Success comes when one feels a good stretch in their calf.