Spending all of your time out on the slopes, can add a lot of wear and tear to your body. After a few trips up the mountain, you may notice that you are feeling sore, achy, and stiff. Something beneficial that you can do for your body is incorporating yoga into your daily routine.

In any sport, stretching is an essential component. Not only does yoga help stretch out your muscles, but it can help prevent injury while you board during the mountain.

Best of all, yoga doesn’t take up much space. You can do any yoga pose in your hotel room, living room, or really any open space. It only takes a few minutes a day to do the following 5 snowboard yoga poses.

Downward Dog

This is one of the best poses that you can do. This pose helps to stretch out your entire back, from your shoulders to your lower back. Stay in this position as long as you can. When in this position, be sure to spread your fingers wide. To get a deeper stretch, try putting your hips to each side while pedaling your feet.

Cat and Cow

A great way to warm up the spine is with the cat and cow yoga pose. This pose helps provide some relief to your back as it moves your vertebrae. This pose is great after experiencing strenuous activity like snowboarding.

Ape Squat

The ape squat is a natural position for the human body. Doing this squat can help keep your posture strong and restore your joint health which is essential for snowboarders. If you are looking to restore your flexibility, stability, and mobility, the ape squat is for you.

This yoga pose will target your ankles, knees, hip joints, and your thoracic spine. Doing this pose will help improve your range of motion while on a snowboarding

To do this position, start with your feet at shoulder width apart and drop your buttock between your feet. Keep in mind that you don’t want all your weigh it your archers. If you can, try keeping your heels on the ground.

 Child’s Pose

A pose that will help soothe your body is the child’s pose. The child’s pose works wot stretch your shoulders and upper back. In this pose you can either have your knees together or apart. The further your knees are apart, the deeper stretch you will get. After a long exhausting day on the slopes, try to inhale and exhale to fully relax.